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NeuralSpray Forex Trading System Released!

We did our best, now it's up to you!

EA Forex trading system NeuralSpray for Metatrader 4NeuralSpray is a Forex Trading System developed for MetaTrader 4 and based on a powerful neural network. In the last Forex World Championships, few users (some of the winners) have made use of the science of artificial intelligence, getting an average of 80.000$ in a year. The main force of the network is the training, performed through a "genetic algorithm".

Genetic Algorithms are the last frontier of the modern science. Examining the human DNA, the scientists have discovered a particular tecnique that the nature uses to solve all problems, spending less time respect to conventional algorithms. With this method all problems can be solved in less time, reaching the solution in a perfect way.

A Neural Network (like a human brain) trained through a genetic algorithm and running on a modern computer, represents a powerful way to solve thousand of problems in a short period of time.

We have trained our neural network on EURUSD, GBPUSD and EURGBP using 10 years of historical data for each market, to test then the results on a real account of 3000$, starting from Jan 2011 up to the half of Dec 2011. In 12 months it collected about 125.142$. With its money management system, NeuralSpray can start working with 300$ only. So when the balance will reach the minimum required size, the money management system will boost the quantity of lots. You can see the complete report of the operations, watching the realtime results (updated every 15 minutes):

Download PDF report of the last operation of the NeuralSpray Trading System for Metatrader 4REALTIME RESULTS

Forex profits using NeuralSpray trading system


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